European Commission’s Joint Research Centre expands partnership with JoVE

JoVE has just announced that it has expanded its partnership with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), and the 3,000 researchers working at the JRC’s six locations.

As the publisher of the world’s only peer-reviewed scientific video journal, JoVE is committed to contributing to the Centre’s research productivity and experimental reproducibility. To that end, JoVE is providing full-access to our cutting-edge scientific video articles.

We’re very pleased to be working with the Joint Research Centre to provide their researchers with JoVE’s unique video articles,” says JoVE CEO and co-founder Dr. Moshe Pritsker.

Scientists using JoVE quickly see a reduction in training and material costs. And they see an increase in productivity — something the citizens and policy-makers of the European Union are sure to appreciate, he added.

Besides gaining complete Video Journal access, the Centre also subscribes to the full library of JoVE’s Science Education videos. The Education library comprises 600 videos in 40 collections, and will be used as a scientist training resource across various disciplines.

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