DriveWealth and Vested Finance launch digital U.S. equities investment product in India

DriveWealth and Vested Finance launch digital U.S. equities investment product in India

DriveWealth, LLC, a U.S. based global digital trading technology company, has just announced that it has teamed up with Vested Finance, a U.S. registered investment adviser (RIA) serving the retail investor market in India. The DriveWealth platform is launching broadly today and aims to give individual investors in India seamless digital access to the U.S. equity markets.

DriveWealth CEO Robert Cortright said:

Bringing retail investors in India straightforward digital access to the U.S. equity markets has long been a high priority for DriveWealth. The real-time fractional share trading capability of this offering means that individuals in India can own a stake in the U.S. companies they love and so many of the products they use every day, regardless of the amount they are able to invest.

Vested Finance CEO Viram Shah commented on the news:

At Vested, we strongly believe that global investment opportunities should be available to individual investors throughout India. Whether a customer’s objective is to invest in global brands, to save for U.S. dollar spending or to add international diversification to their portfolio, our Vested offering can accommodate their needs, with no minimum investment required. We are confident that this product – powered by DriveWealth’s unique technology and fractional investing capabilities – will successfully meet the needs of the Indian retail market.

DriveWealth provides this innovative investing technology and its own customizable suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) to partners all over the world, allowing investors everywhere to gain access to the highly stable, liquid and regulated U.S. stock market with a fully accessible, straightforward user experience.

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