Deutsche Börse Venture Network makes public funding easier for start-ups

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Technology start-ups can benefit from public funds: EU, federal and state governments grant corresponding loans and subsidies. But who is offering what exactly for whom and under what conditions? Members of Deutsche Börse Venture Network now have it easier: the new cooperation partner förderbar guides them through the complex variety of funding possibilities.

Founders do not have to give up shares in the company in the event of public funding, as is often the case with an investor. This is a major advantage, because it means more entrepreneurial freedom,” said Renata Bandov, Head of Pre-IPO & Capital Markets at Deutsche Börse. The offer is aimed at start-ups from Series A round with a technological focus and, for example, need project-related capital for new investments. Deutsche Börse Venture Network brings these companies together with förderbar. There, the start-ups are given free advice on the topic of funding, a funding check and benefits when applying for funding.

Through the individual advice, start-ups can quickly find out whether they have a chance of funding. When applying for funding, we ultimately reduce the effort for the start-ups to a minimum and we also accompany the entire project period after approval. For the companies, this frees up time for the core business”, explained Thomas Schröter, managing director of förderbar.

förderbar is already the fourth partner in the network after Deutsche Handelsbank, High-Tech Gründerfonds and the international technology investment bank GP Bullhound. In this way, Deutsche Börse Venture Network is continuously expanding its ecosystem for growth. The aim here is to offer start-ups a wide range of financing options to suit their particular situation.

förderbar offers public funding consulting for companies that use digital technologies to develop innovative products and services. förderbar manages and processes all phases of the funding process, from the assessment of eligibility to the application for funding and project support. Successful funding projects have so far been realised with asgoodasnew, Contentful or Outfittery, among others.

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