Cinnober Group introduces new real-time solution Minium

Established as a new subsidiary within the Cinnober Group during the end of last year, Minium will provide real-time post-trade technology and services to international investment banks. The development is proceeding according to plan with the ambition that Minium’s solutions, which reach the market in 2018, will modernize and streamline the operation of so-called client clearing services in the banking sector.

An area tightly squeezed by new regulatory obligations, higher capital requirements, and high spending on legacy IT infrastructures for older systems and outdated technology.

Minium’s solutions are based on Cinnober’s existing technology for exchanges and clearinghouses, and will offer banks and their customers real-time post trade services. This includes a complete overview of their risk exposure to different markets in real-time. The technology facilitates more efficient use of capital and provides operational efficiencies, thanks to capablities to handle all traded asset classes as well transactions being conducted both within and outside an exchange.

Cinnober introduced real-time clearing to clearinghouses and is today the overall dominant supplier. We are convinced that the banking sector also has a huge need for real-time clearing, risk and post trade services, as they can be used to modernize and streamline processes that are currently ineffective and costly”, says Cinnober’s CEO Veronica Augustsson.

Moving forward, Cinnober will market its subsidiaries using a new Group profile. This will more clearly position the offering toward the respective market segments and showcase the synergies within the Group. At present, the Group has three separate subsidiaries with the following focus areas: client clearing (Minium), reporting services (Simplitium) and market surveillance – will be re-profiled in in conjunction with an industry event.

Cinnober Group introduces new real-time solution Minium

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