ACB Investment announces slash of commissions

ACB Investment announces slash of commissions

ACB Investment (ACB), the newly launched global marketplace, announced that it has just changed its fee policy. Instead of a $15 fee per one-lot position, the service will now charge $10. CFDs will continue to have no fees.

We believe that the new commission rate will have a very positive effect on small lot size trading,” notes Marko Blažević, CMO of ACB International LTD. “We expect this to increase the activity of short-term traders. Everyone who was previously on the fence about our service is now steadily joining. I was a scalper myself, and I know how important low fees are when you have 200 trades per day. Losing money on fees is the last thing I would expect from trading.

The classic sales model continues to lose its effectiveness. Today, marketplaces are at the forefront of progress. With the ACB investment supermarket, clients can now use a single account to execute trades with a lot of liquidity providers and at the best prices.

In terms of numbers, ACB indicators rose by 3.5% in just the last month, reaching 69 billion US dollars.

One can say that the ACB investment supermarket is a giant client-centered organism, where every single cell is tailored to the needs and capabilities of the client,” says Joseph Noack ,CBO at ACB International LTD.

Above all, we put the interests of our users first. This is extremely important because a deep understanding of their needs helps to expand our client base, thereby building the trading volume that ultimately attracts new liquidity providers. It should be noted that we are constantly improving and coming up with new ideas. We put a lot of effort into the technical aspect of the service. We employ hundreds of specialists who make trading easy and user-friendly and the processes fine-tuned and organized. As a result, traders and counterparties trust us. On our part, we are doing everything we can to live up to their expectations.

The Investment supermarket is run by two companies – ACB INTERNATIONAL LTD, registered in the United Kingdom and ACB Incorporation LTD., registered in Republic of Marshall Islands.

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