Euroclear Group announces board changes

Belgium-based financial services company Euroclear announced Marc Antoine Autheman’s decision to step down as the chairman and director of the Euroclear boards.

Autheman spent eight years with Euroclear group and his strategy has delivered strong financial position and performance for the company.

Euroclear’s board has decided to take the opportunity after Autheman’s departure to undertake the governance reforms in the group’s parent company, Euroclear Holding, and Euroclear SA/NV, the group’s regulated operating board.

Bert De Graeve has also decided to resign as independent non-executive director of Euroclear Holding.

The Euroclear Holding Board appointed two Euroclear SA/NV directors, Harold Finders and Franco Passacantando, to become independent directors at Euroclear Holding SA/NV.

Finders is named interim chairman of Euroclear Holding SA/NV, while Passacantando will serve as interim deputy chairman. In Euroclear SA/NV, Passacantando has been appointed as interim chairman with Finders as interim deputy chairman.

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The company will commence a search for a new permanent chairman of the two Boards.

Autheman said:

Marc Antoine Autheman, Euroclear

Marc Antoine Autheman

It has been an honour and a privilege to lead the Euroclear boards during my time as Chairman. That Euroclear is the robust and relevant open financial market infrastructure it is today reflects the sustained contribution of many colleagues at every level of the company and a spirit of cooperation within the financial industry. Now is an opportune moment for me to pass the baton, allowing my successor to continue Euroclear’s positive evolutions in the years to come.

Finders and Passacantando stated jointly:

We are grateful to Marc Antoine for leading the Euroclear group boards over the past eight years. Euroclear continues to perform very well from an operational, business and financial perspective, even in today’s volatile environment. We will be working together with the boards and the executive management team to implement Euroclear’s strategy, strengthening its role as critical financial market infrastructure and supporting client needs across its growing global network.

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