Chen Ben Nun joins Leverate to launch new professional services department Acxelr8

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Trading platform and technology tools provider Leverate has announced the launch of a new professional services department, called Acxelr8.

The department is going to be under the direction of Chen Ben Nun, who joins Leverate after stints in conversion and sales at Alpha Forex, UFX and Plus500 Ltd. (LON:PLUS). The company stated that Acxelr8 and was born out of the challenging need for brokers to stay ahead in the highly competitive retail trading industry.

Chen Ben Nun Leverate

Chen Ben Nun, Leverate

According to Chen Ben Nun,

Acxelr8 is designed to support brokers achieve business excellence at all levels of operation, from the acquisition and conversion of new clients through to retention. The professional services available through Acxelr8, utilize advanced technology and applies business intelligence insights to support brokers achieve stronger profits.

Acxelr8 represents a new venture for Leverate. The scope of this new department entails a step beyond being just another technology provider to actually partnering with brokers and collaboratively helping them gain a competitive advantage, be it in their own market or via an expansion into the Far East.

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