Worldpay launches DataEdge for Financial Institutions

Today, Vantiv, now Worldpay, Inc. (NYSE: WP), announced the release of DataEdge for Financial Institutions (FIs), a data insights and analytics tool powered by Worldpay’s Vivid Data Engine™. DataEdge for FIs is an advanced reporting solution that gives banking professionals convenient and immediate access to credit and debit card portfolios through a single dashboard. Through this offering, Worldpay’s FI clients have access to a total picture of their credit and debit card issuing portfolio providing meaningful and actionable intelligence in a convenient web-based tool.

DataEdge for FIs’ analytics provides a great summary of your card platform with a few simple clicks of the mouse,” said Heather Fleck, vice president of operations at Railway Credit Union. “The data is displayed in presentation-ready graphics that include your credit union-specific trends right alongside your current or future peer groups.

DataEdge for FIs is a secure, single sign-on web-based solution accessible through Worldpay’s iQ portal. Within DataEdge for FIs, Worldpay’s clients have access to two years of portfolio performance trends, as well as intelligent benchmarking that helps FIs understand how their performance compares to other issuers. For deeper analysis, DataEdge for FIs provides access to underlying details about key performance indicators allowing for extended research and customized reporting.

Clients using DataEdge for FIs can easily see and manage their card portfolio and optimize growth strategies,” said Brent Badger, vice president of data and insights products at Worldpay. “With an intuitive dashboard view and an easy export function, board-ready reports can be compiled efficiently, reducing a day’s work to just a matter of minutes.

Vivid will continue to deliver innovative solutions that enable partners and clients to use data as a strategic advantage to act on trends as they emerge,” concluded Nicole Jass, vice president of data and fraud products at Worldpay.

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