Why streaming analytics is important in real-time stock-trading analysis

Streaming analytics programs have swiftly and somewhat quietly risen to a must-have resource for fast-paced markets such as trading that require quick thinking and fast decisions in the midst of fast flowing data and information.

Streaming analytics solutions can stream data from a variety of sources, including devices, sensors, websites, social media sites, applications, and systems to give you a comprehensive and real-time picture of how the market is performing the very second that you’re correlating, analyzing, and moving on important trades.

Analytics is moving to the forefront of many industries due to the velocity of data flowing through the market every day. For this and the following key reasons, it’s imperative that you’re using streaming analytics in your real-time trading analysis.

Fluctuating Market Values

Market values can fluctuate from moment to moment in the fast-paced industries on the exchange. These changing values can impact your stock analysis, so it’s vital you’re always using the most updated information in your analysis. When you’re using a streaming analytics software though, you’ll always have the most current data, from all your important information sources you need to get a full picture of your portfolio performance.

Real-Time Decisions Require Real-Time Data

Analyzing your stock-trading figures at the end of each day is no longer a viable or sustainable process for correlating, analyzing, or acting on your data. Market circumstances can change in an instant, and if you’re making decisions on data that is a day (or even minutes old) you might be putting yourself in risking situations or making poor decisions about the trades you make from that data.

Real-time decisions require real-time data, which means that you should have a streaming analytics solution such as TIBCO Streambase or IBM Streams so you can analyze and act based on the most current data and analysis available.

Complex Pattern Recognition

You can also leverage streaming analytics to derive and make sense of complex patterns emerging in the market. By streaming in real-time, you’ll be able to notice even slight variances and understand how they may impact your trading decisions. Recognizing and using these patterns will help you be savvy in your trades and recognize both opportunities and risks quickly.

Competitive Edge

Big data is making a move to the mainstream, and is flowing faster than ever before. If you want to stay on top of trends and compete in your market, you need to be working with data that is delivered in real-time to differentiate yourself and stay a step ahead of the market and your competition.

Risk Mitigation and Management

Streaming analytics also play a large role in risk mitigation and management. In real-time trading analysis, you always need to be working from the most current data to ensure that your trading decisions are always sound and well-founded by the data streams.

These programs can help uncover patterns and detect fraudulent trading, and protect your data, assets, and trades. Streaming analytics is also being used to flag fraud and even detect money laundering activities.

This article was prepared by Jeni Rogers – a researcher and regular contributor to TrustRadius, where she shares her knowledge of the latest trends in B2B news and software.

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