Persona releases beta version of its KYC verification system

Persona releases beta version of its KYC verification system

Persona today launched the beta version of its KYC verification system, which is powered by its blockchain-based trust protocol. The new platform is aimed at simplifying and securing the KYC (know your customer) process, while at the same time protecting user data from unauthorized access.

The platform allows users to open an account and get validated by providing copies of their identity documents to various notaries registered on the platform. Different documents will require users to accrue different number of trust points, for example, the points required to verify credit card information might be different to the points needed to verify a gym membership.

Once your information is updated and verified on the Persona platform, you can easily sign up on any websites while protecting your personal information. If you sign up to any sites using the information stored on your persona profile, the third party will only see your trust score and will not have access to your identity documents.

The beta testing will allow the company to test the efficiency of its system especially when faced with numerous verification requests to determine its robustness and responsiveness under extreme conditions.

The Co-Founder of Persona, Ștefan Neagu commented that:

The Persona beta launch represents almost a year of development toward making Persona a provable trust protocol. We’re proud of Persona’s potential to help individuals keep their identities secure while helping enterprises streamline onboarding processes. We’re also proud to keep Persona open-source, so third-parties can develop their own dApps on Persona’s blockchain.

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