Exchange Data International launches Global Economic Data

Stax Inc. teams up with Coleman Research

Exchange Data International (EDI) just announced the launch of it’s new data offering: Global Economic Data.

Divided in 8 major databases, and comprising more than 1.6 million carefully selected time series, over 6.7 million trend series and around 300,000 forecast series, the new service provides the most accurate, comprehensive and timely economic data, from more than 200 countries around the globe.

The databases (G7 & Europe, Forecast, Eurostat, Emerging Americas, Emerging Asia, Emerging CIS, Emerging EMEA, and Emerging Africa) are updated daily whenever data is released by the primary source, through the internet, newswires and other media channels.

Any combination of databases can be made available on three types of dXplatform: dXbrowse, dXweb and dXtime. Main features include:

  • Quick and Easy Access to Economic Data;
  • Easy Navigation through a Multi-Level Database Series Directory;
  • Instant Access to the Latest Data;
  • Easy, Customizable Graphics;
  • Time Series Calculations;
  • Compatibility with Several Applications;
  • Multiple Export File Formats;
  • In-house Databases;
  • Flexible Delivery Methods.

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