TradeStation introduces simplified commission pricing for equities and options trades

Online broker-dealer and futures commission merchant TradeStation Group, Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Monex Group, Inc. (TYO:8698), just announced new per-trade pricing for stocks, ETFs and options for all new customers and all existing customers who notify TradeStation they would like to switch to the new pricing.

This new, simplified pricing model – with its flat rate of just $5 per trade for equities and $5 per trade plus $0.50 per contract for options – replaces a tiered commission structure that went as high as $8.99 per trade and contained other fixed and potential monthly fees that have now been eliminated.

For example, all customers on this new per-trade pricing plan will pay no monthly service fees for the TradeStation desktop, mobile and web trading apps, and non-professional subscribers will pay no fee for real-time market data from the NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE and OPRA exchanges.

Customers will also receive free of charge TradeStation’s RadarScreen® market-monitoring tool and Portfolio Maestro portfolio-level back-testing tool.

To ensure that each customer can choose the commission plan that best suits his or her trading volume and style, TradeStation will continue to offer its per-share pricing plan, starting at just $.01 per share to as low as $.006 per share (with a $1.00 per trade minimum), for customers who trade frequently in small-share lots, an important requirement for those who do not want to see higher per-ticket charges on numerous small-sized trades they may be making.

TradeStation will also continue to offer to its highest-volume customers unbundled pricing (this pricing is available for customers who trade at least 100,000 shares per month), which allows them to earn execution rebates that can cut their commission cost to as low as $.002 per share. Options traders also now have a choice between the new options pricing plan or the per-contract commission pricing plan currently offered at $1.00 per contract, but with no base/ticket charge.

This new $5 per-trade plan offers significant potential cost savings for equities and options traders who trade less frequently or in larger share sizes,” said John Bartleman, President of TradeStation Group, Inc. We think that this new per-trade pricing plan, together with the availability of the per-share and unbundled plans, when combined with the power and value of the award-winning TradeStation platform, is an offering hard to beat in today’s online trading market for active traders and investors.

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