Quantfury launches fractional trading mode for stocks, ETFs and commodities

FX/CFD and crypto broker Quantfury today announced the launch of fractional trading mode with more than 1500 stocks, ETFs and commodity futures contracts available on its trading platform.

According to the official announcement, Quantfury clients can now buy and sell fractional shares of all stocks, ETFs and commodity futures contracts at their real-time US and European exchanges spot prices with zero commissions and borrowing fees.

Daniel Muvdi, Quantfury’s Head of Markets, said:

Quantfury is advancing its unmatched trading and investing conditions further by making it even more affordable to Quantfurians out there. Fractional trading mode opens up more trading opportunities to the Quantfury global audience of more than 400,000 Quantfurians.

Quantfury highlighted that its fractional trading mode is available on all of its trading platforms right away including iOS, Android, and on the Quantfury web platform.

Furthermore, all stocks, ETFs and commodities listed on the platform, regardless of average daily volume or market cap, are eligible for fractional trading.

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