Otkritie Capital’s Global Prime FX volumes up 96% YoY

Otkritie Capital International Ltd (OCIL), a UK-based, FCA-regulated prime-broker operating across global financial markets, today announced at TradeTech Europe that its FX Prime business within the Otkritie Global Prime franchise is picking up pace since its full scale rollout 12 months ago.

The FX Prime turnover volumes went up by 96% compared to April 2016 figures across various venues and currencies.

The volumes consist of all activity across more than 10 FX venues, including Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) and Liquidity Providers (LPs) which have been added to the list available for our clients, which covers majority of FX liquidity globally in G10 and major emerging currencies (taking leading positions in USD/RUB non-disclosed institutional spot market flow).

The existing and short-term scheduled product set includes cash FX (both non-disclosed and disclosed) and Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs). Mid-term plans also include FX synthetic instruments like CFDs and access to non-disclosed FX SWAPS trading where applicable.

Oktkritie’s consumers are top global and regional institutional market players, utilizing algo-, algo HFT- and non-HFT strategies: hedge, arbitrage and position-taking trading.

Existing FX listed derivatives access completes the FX Prime business enabling Oktkritie’s clients to execute various strategies with netting solutions available on its platform.

FX Prime is part of the Otkritie Global Prime business line, which combines execution, financing and clearing offering across major asset classes: equity, fixed income and derivatives. The Global Prime platform is designated for classic buy-side customers like hedge funds, asset managers and wealth managers as well as for the sell-side segment: banks, private banks and broker-dealers.

Otkritie Global Prime’s mission is to help various market players (including boutique and tier II hedge funds and wealth managers) to source liquidity from the market, utilize transparent and efficient execution solutions and obtain portfolio financing.

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