MintBroker launches as commission-free UK broker for day trading US shares and options

MintBroker, a UK-based firm for active day trading of US shares, just announced that it has officially launched on 30 April, and celebrates the news with commission-free trading of US shares and options.

Investors who want to actively trade on the US shares market can now do so easily and affordably with with MintBroker, which is an appointed representative of Thornbridge Investment Management LLP, which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Commission-free, fractional share trading on any of the MintBroker’ platforms is a first in the UK.

Every trader can borrow up to six times the money in their account to trade on leverage with a $500 account minimum and has access to thousands of US shares to trade daily, coupled with a large list of symbols to short.

MintBroker takes it a step further by opening with commission-free trading on any one of their trading platforms and six times the buying power for active investors who want to trade more aggressively.

The platforms available to trade US shares offers maximum flexibility and are tailored to the different types of investors, including professional day traders, on-the-go investors, and newbie traders. MintBroker offer mobile, web and desktop trading applications with access to advanced charting options, real-time news, and complete customisation of how investors want to view the market.

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