JFD Brokers launches new, visually-oriented website

Continuing a theme we are seeing from a number of leading retail forex brokers over the past few months, CySEC-regulated JFD Brokers has just announced a redesign of its website with what it calls a ‘clean design’.

The trend in Retail Forex, certainly compared to the Home Pages of brokers in the not-so-distant past, is to do away with text and rate tables and attract visitors with a much more picture-oriented, text-free ‘clean’ look and design.

For a more personal touch, the faces of all the people behind the company are also clearly visible to its visitors.

Annina Knör, JFD Brokers

The redesign project was led by Annina Knör, Managing Director of JFD Germany GmbH. Ms. Knör said of the redesign:

Our goal with our new website is to present all the information a trader may need, focusing on a more user-friendly approach. And this is just the beginning… we are constantly working on ways to improve the website, with more upgrades in the pipeline. We plan to add new functionalities in the future, and we will soon also introduce our new partnerships porthole.

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