HYCM on investing in high inflation

Global forex broker HYCM has announced it will run an exclusive trading seminar on the 29th of September at the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai, called “Investing in FX, Stocks & Gold in a High Inflation Era.”

The seminar will discuss resources and know-how necessary for trading currency pairs. It will further cover how to invest in gold and silver and understand the impact of bonds, equities, and commodities and dive into how to use regularly occurring seasonal patterns.

In the official announcement shared with LeapRate, HYCM highlighted that bBy the end of the seminar, it expects that attendees will be able to explain the reasons for market moves, choose which currency pairs to trade when, and identify the strongest seasonal periods for investing in stocks, commodities, and FX.

The “Investing in FX, Stocks & Gold in a High Inflation Era” seminar will be led by industry expert and Chief Market Analyst consulting for HYCM Group, Giles Coghlan.

Coghlan regularly comments on market-moving news on financial media outlets such as Reuters, Nasdaq, FT Adviser, City AM, Daily Mail, CNBC Arabia, Asharq.

Giles Coghlan stated:

Giles Coghlan, HYCM

Giles Coghlan

This is possibly one of the best times to trade FX since 2009 due to central banks increasing interest rates for the first time in years. The different speeds at which central banks are moving create divergences for currencies. If one central bank is hiking aggressively, but one central bank is not, that creates a clear ‘strong’ and a clear ‘weak’ currency.  As central banks start increasing interest rates, and growth varies across the world, this may create a volatile environment for FX, so there may be plenty of trading possibilities for the astute trader.

HYCM further noted that attendees will receive exclusive offers such as free access to trading tools, and private coaching sessions with Giles Coghlan.

Earlier in August, HYCM International CEO Stavros Lambouris, discussed with LeapRate the growing inflation, drawing comparisons with past events.

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