FXCM debt to Jefferies stands pat at $70 million after Q2 as January 2019 deadline looms

FXCM Group expands CFD offering, adds Ripple and Bitcoin Cash

Quarterly filings from investment company Jefferies Financial Group Inc
(NYSE:JEF) – formerly known as Leucadia – indicate that the outstanding amount owed to Jefferies by Retail FX broker FXCM Group as at June 30 stood basically unchanged from at the end of Q1, at $70.4 million.

Which, basically means that during Q2 FXCM made $3.5 million of interest payments on the loan to Jefferies – the loan carries a fairly punitive 20.5% interest rate – but didn’t manage to repay any of the principal.

The loan, which was already extended once, comes due in January 2019 and FXCM seems unlikely to come up with a loose $70 million+ over the next five months to fully repay the loan.

So, what does that all mean?

Well, if the loan was a purely third-party one, it would mean trouble for FXCM, or at least for its shareholders were the company declared insolvent if unable to repay its debt on time come January. However Jefferies is not exactly a third-party when it comes to FXCM. Jefferies already holds a 50% voting interest in FXCM, and via the renegotiated loan terms owns up to 75% of all future distributions from FXCM. FXCM’s recently updated logo (see above), which includes ‘A Leucadia Company’ in it (which we assume will be updated at some point to reflect the Jefferies rebrand), also indicates the influence (and effective control) that Jefferies has at FXCM. Oh, and FXCM’s Chairman is Jimmy Hallac, a Managing Director at Jefferies.

Operationally, FXCM has been chugging along posting fairly healthy and stable trading volumes each month. However something is likely to happen with the ownership structure between now and January 2019. Perhaps a sale of the company. Perhaps an agreement of some sort between Jefferies and Global Brokerage Inc, FXCM Group’s other large shareholder, whereby Jefferies takes full control of FXCM in return for cancelling the loan. Or, perhaps a different structure.

Jefferies is already seriously “in the black” on its FXCM investment, with Jefferies having already received cumulatively $343.4 million of principal, interest and fees from its initial $279.0 million loan to FXCM – a cash profit of $64.4 million.

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