Forex Sports Sponsorship: Russian FX broker TeleTrade backs Premier League club Burnley FC

TeleTrade Burnley FC sponsor

Russia based online broker TeleTrade and Premier League club Burnley FC have ​announce ​their ​ ​partnership, whereby TeleTrade will be designated as the Official Forex Trading Sponsor of Burnley FC.

Burnley FC is one of the major success stories of late in English football. The small-market team – Burnley is a town of about 75,000 north of Manchester – qualified for the Premier League last year after winning England’s second tier league in the 2015-16 season. And, sitting sixth in Premier League play this year ahead in the standings of teams such as Tottenham, Leicester City and Everton, Burnley stands a good chance of qualifying for Champions League play next year.

TeleTrade is one of just eight Retail FX brokers which have been granted a Forex dealer license by the Bank of Russia. The agreement with Burnley FC is being concluded via the TeleTrade Group’s CySEC licensed subsidiary Teletrade-DJ International Consulting Ltd, which operates the and websites targeting UK and EU customers. TeleTrade was founded in 1994 by Russian online entrepreneur Vladimir Chernobay.

Andreas Samatas, Director of Teletrade Europe (pictured at left, above), commented:

It​ ​is ​truly ​a ​cause ​for ​celebration ​to​ ​have ​the ​chance ​to ​work​ with​ a ​historic football club that ​shares the same principles of Responsibility and excellence. Burnley ​Football ​Club is known ​for ​being ​one ​of ​the ​smaller football ​clubs ​ever to be ​playing ​in ​the most competitive league in the world, the​ ​Premier​ ​League, has demonstrated that persistence and hard work can get you to the top of your League. Their example is inspiring both for us and our traders, as we strive day in, day out to provide the best possible services for our traders to succeed in the fierce and exciting world of the financial markets.

Anthony Fairclough of Burnley FC (pictured at right, above) commented:

This is a very first for Burnley Football Club, having struck a deal with a Foreign Exchange Company and we are proud to have finalized, yet another International Partner. It demonstrates the global platform we now find ourselves on and Teletrade can take full advantage of our world presence and the Billion households the Premier League transmits to. This is a deal that will take us to December 2018 and hopefully many years beyond.

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