CFI gets approval for UK branch, opening London office


Credit Financier Invest (CFI) Ltd, previously known as CFI Markets and part of CFI Financial Group Holding, has announced that it has received authorization to set up a Branch in the United Kingdom.

The company plans now to set up its branch in London and said that it is set to launch its activity there soon.

Following its expansion in Dubai and later in Amman, CFI Financial Group achieved today a further step in its expansion plan, and the firm currently has regulated entities in Beirut, Larnaca, Dubai, Amman and now in London.

Hisham Mansour and Eduardo Fakhoury CFI

Hisham Mansour and Eduardo Fakhoury, CFI

In a joint statement, CFI Financial Group’s Founders and Managing Directors, Hisham Mansour and Eduardo Fakhoury, declared:

We are thrilled to announce today another important step in our expansion plan. London is the main hub for CFD’s and FX trading worldwide and as a leading group, it is paramount for us to be present among the top firms worldwide. By setting offices in London, we will be in the heart of the global FX and CFD’s business, closer to our UK clients and, resources and latest technologies. A branch in London is also another evidence of our continued Global expansion.

CFI expects the branch to be operational soon. It is now in the final stages to complete what is needed for launching its activity.

CFI Financial Group is a leading online trading services provider – servicing Private and Institutional clients worldwide. For more than 20 years, the group has executed over 2 million trades for thousands of clients from all over the world. The company traces its origins to a private banking department established within a sister firm, Credit Financier, in 1998.

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