ATFX adds new exotic pairs to its product offerings

ATFX adds new exotic pairs to its product offerings

Global Forex brokerage group ATFX has announced that it has released up to 10 new exotic pairs that will offer traders and investors more choice with respect to their trading options. More details on the pairs are available on ATFX’s official website, which in turn is offered in 13 languages.

Exotics are a currency pair group that consists of a currency from an emerging economy or a currency from a small country with a relatively smaller developing economy. Examples would include EURHUF, EURPLN, and NOKSEK.

Compared to FX majors and minors, exotics usually feature wider spreads, and are far more sensitive to sudden shifts in political and financial developments. It is for this reason that in times of sudden shifts, smaller investors prefer to flock towards FX majors that include safe haven currencies that follow more range-bound movement and a fundamental underlying momentum.

The Exotics list can be seen below:

atfx exotic pairs

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