Amana Capital launches risk analytics tool RiskPulse

amana capital office

The brokerage company Amana Capital has just announced that it has launched an in-house risk management tool for its customers. The company is officially unveiling its RiskPulse smart risk analytics product today, alongside a new website, both designed to improve the trading experience of novice, experienced and professional traders.

The RiskPulse software has been built to deliver the client a detailed guidance about the critical aspects of their behavior while buying and selling multiple asset classes.

The CEO of Amana Capital, Ahmad Khatib, commented:

At a time when regulators are increasingly vigilant over the products offered to retail clients, we decided that empowering our customers with an advanced analytics tool that can help them analyze their trading behavior is the best thing we can do. RiskPulse is not only providing our customers with a free risk analytics engine, it is also signaling to them what are the strengths and weaknesses of their approach to trading the market.

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