Admiral Markets introduces new management team members

Forex brokerage company Admiral Markets Group AS has recently announced a change to its management structure. Two of the board members, Sergei Bogatenkov and James Chernikov have remained part of the board, while three new board members were appointed to complete the team: Jens Chrzanowski, Mindaugas Deksnys and Victor Gherbovet.

They will be in charge of the day-to-day operations and implementing strategic decisions.

The managerial team brings with them an updated set of goals for the direction of the company. Admiral Markets’ mission is “to become a global leader in providing comfortable access to every type of financial market while providing clients with relevant education, competitive trading terms, an engaging community, and quality support.”

The overriding aim is to help traders realize their full potential through:

  • acting as a reliable partner;
  • offering affordable, client-oriented services;
  • promoting ethics and transparency in the industry.

Introducing the updated Management Team:

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Admiral Markets introduces new management team members


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