Y Combinator Uses Blockchain To Help People Invest in Startups

The startup incubator who helped numerous Silicon Valley giants is now helping people invest in new businesses via the use of blockchain.

According to Brad Jones from Futurism, Y Combinator is now searching for ways to expand its investment access and opportunities. The president of Y Combinator, Sam Altman, said that the process needs to be democratized, as reported by Mr. Jones.

As Altman recognized the need of ICOs to be regulated, he also shared that blockchain is an important and innovative solution that can be used to help people gain broader and wider investment opportunities.

Y Combinator

Overall, talks about the scrutiny of ICOs are coming under way almost every week, with China’s ban on domestic exchanges trading Bitcoin, and the huge amount of crowdfunding that ICOs generate. According to Futurism and Mr. Brad Jones, Tezos Crowdfunding, a decentralized blockchain, accrued more than $230 million in digital currencies.

What blockchain can do is help more people and investors get their investment pools wider and benefit from the decentralization of the currency. While Silicon Valley may be famous for the unlimited opportunities for wealthy investors and angels, not all people can afford to invest right now. According to Altman, this can be a huge opportunity for Y Combinator and for people who want to invest. With blockchain on the horizon, this ambition is now easier to come true.

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