NEX Statement on GFXC Index of FX Code of Conduct Statements of Commitment

The Global Foreign Exchange Committee (GFXC) has launched a Global Index to view Statements of Commitment to the FX Global Code of Conduct from their selected registers, of which NEX is a major contributor.

NEX Markets played an active role in the development of the Code, representing NEX on the Market Participants Group (MPG), as well as being active in the feedback and review process via our representation on Foreign Exchange Committees during the creation of the Code.

In November 2017, NEX launched the NEX Register to help promote the adoption to the Code’s principles and has gathered the widest range of Market Participants in one register, bringing together Market Participants from across the industry is vital to the success of the Code. With the introduction of the GFXC’s Global Index, we hope to see the numbers and range of those looking to publicly state their commitment to the Code accelerate.

The NEX Register is offered at no cost and is open to all Market Participants who have signed their Statement of Commitment to the FX Global Code of Conduct. By signing, Market Participants can signal their intention to adopt and adhere to the Code’s good practices. It also aims to serve as a resource for Market Participants as well as others, so they can more objectively assess other Market Participants based upon the principles set out in the Code.

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