Canadian regulator NSSC introduces new Investor Alert Database

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission (NSSC) informed that it is making it easier for investors to find out if those “latest and greatest” investment opportunities are potentially scams. The commission has a new Investor Alert Database on its website. Investor alerts are published by the Commission to warn of unlawful investment raising schemes that the Commission learns are being directed at Nova Scotians.

To make it easier for Nova Scotians to learn of investor alerts, the Commission’s new Investor Alert Database lists all companies, individuals and websites for which the Commission has issued investor alerts since 2014.

The Commission’s leading mandate is to protect investors,” said Heidi Schedler, senior enforcement counsel with the Commission. “Issuing investor alerts is a quick and effective way to protect investors by letting Nova Scotians know of schemes targeted at them by fraudsters and scam artists.

The Commission is reminding Nova Scotia investors to be cautious when approached or contacted by anyone, or when clicking on online ads offering new investment opportunities. In the last month the Commission has issued three investor alerts, warning of companies that are approaching or advertising to Nova Scotians without being registered to do so.

The Commission is also reminding investors of recent advisories issued within Nova Scotia by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) regarding cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and investing in the marijuana industry.

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