ASIC issues impersonators scam warning

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Australian regulator ASIC has just issued a warning against the scam companies Luxembourg Offshore Banking and LUXOSB Limited.

Scammers are claiming to be from ASIC, although they are not regulated it, nor licensed or authorised in Australia to provide financial services.

Both scam companies are using the cold-calling method, and claim to offer an investment program called ExpertKonek, through an online trading platform relating to stocks, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies and indices markets.

ASIC has urged the public to hang up their phones if contacted by Luxembourg Offshore Banking and LUXOSB Limited, or delete their emails and block them.

French AMF and CySEC have recently issued similar scam impersonators warnings.

Sean Hughes

Sean Hughes Source: LinkedIn

ASIC Commissioner Sean Hughes commented:

These are sophisticated scams convincing people to part with their money and provide personal information. The public need to be extremely cautious of these scams and contact their financial institution if they believe their money may be at risk.

The official warning can be seen here.

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