ASIC disqualifies director from managing companies for 5 year period


Peter Nicholas Cook of Coogee, NSW, has been disqualified by ASIC from managing companies for the maximum period of five years as a result of his involvement in twelve failed companies.

ASIC found that Mr Cook:

  • improperly used his corporate position by causing his companies to make loan repayments to related companies ahead of third party creditors whilst they were in financial difficulty;
  • failed to prevent some of the companies from trading whilst insolvent;
  • failed to ensure that proper financial records were kept;
  • failed to assist the liquidators of the companies after the companies had been wound up;
  • failed to exercise his duties as a director with due care and diligence; and
  • lacked the skills and expertise to manage the companies.

The twelve companies were:

BDJ Services (Australia) Pty LtdACN 603 722 578
Allinam Consulting Pty LtdACN 606 897 223
Fieldline (NSW) Pty LtdACN 603 724 741
Ratorhand Services Pty LtdACN 603 722 603
Krot Consulting Pty LtdACN 606 898 597
Reader Seat Services (Qld) Pty LtdACN 606 876 144
Pillar Consulting (Australia) Pty LtdACN 606 868 857
Fieldline (QLD) Pty LtdACN 603 724 894
Ratorhand HR Pty LtdACN 603 722 612
Evolution Futures (Australia) Pty LtdACN 603 726 003
Foolscap Consulting (NSW) Pty LtdACN 606 869 845
Medium Contracting (QLD) Pty LtdACN 603 725 720

In making its decision to disqualify Mr Cook, ASIC relied on reports lodged by liquidators of the failed companies. ASIC provided Assetless Administration Funding to the Liquidators of BDJ Services (Australia) Pty Ltd and Allinam Consulting Pty Ltd to prepare supplementary reports used to disqualify Mr Cook.

ASIC Deputy Chair Peter Kell said:

ASIC is extremely vigilant when it comes to protecting small businesses and will take firm action to protect creditors, consumers and investors from directors who fail to manage companies to the standards imposed by the law.

The maximum banning period imposed reflects the number of failed companies involved and the poor manner in which those companies were managed.

Mr Cook’s disqualification took effect from 2 September 2017 and extends to 1 September 2022.


ASIC disqualifies director from managing companies for 5 year period


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