Michael Liberty statement: ‘dismayed’ at ‘groundless’ SEC fraud charges

We have received a formal statement from legal representatives of Michael Liberty, in response to SEC charges announced yesterday against Michael Liberty of a $48 million investor fraud.

Jay Dubow, Esq.

Pepper Hamilton LLP

Philadelphia, PA


[email protected]w.com

April 2, 2018

Reference: SEC Case 2:18-cv-00139-DBH

Filed 3/30/2018 US District Court, District of Maine


On behalf of Michael A. Liberty, we are dismayed that the SEC has chosen to file this groundless complaint.

We are reviewing the 66-page complaint. Mr. Liberty will vigorously defend himself through the court system, including filing an Answer to the complaint.  It will deny most of the substantive allegations based on both factual and legal deficiencies in the SEC’s pleading.

We anticipate the day when Mr. Liberty’s name is cleared. The SEC has unfairly targeted him with regard to this investigation for over six years. It has contacted investors, customers, financial institutions and others, resulting in the loss by Mr. Liberty and Mozido, a corporation of which he is a substantial shareholder, of a number of business opportunities.

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