Warsaw Stock Exchange elects new member of the Supervisory Board

The Ordinary General Meeting of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 19 June 2018 changed the composition of the Supervisory Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Exchange Supervisory Board). Janusz Krawczyk was elected as a new member of the Supervisory Board.

The new member of the Supervisory Board was elected following the resignation of Chairman of the Exchange Supervisory Board Wojciech Nagel.

Janusz M. Krawczyk holds a degree from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Kraków University of Technology, where he was a teacher and researcher after graduation. Member of the City Council of Kraków of the first term of office (1990-1994) and Member of the Management Board of Kraków responsible for municipal companies in 1990-1992. He started his career in HR management in international corporations with Coca Cola Poland in 1992 and continued with Pepsi Co. in Poland and in the European head office in Vienna as Regional Director. He was also HR Director of AHOLD Polska. He completed a number of training and internship programmes in HR management and work organization in Poland and abroad (including UK, Japan, France, Sweden, Austria, Belgium). From June 2000, Bank Director with Bank Zachodni; from September 2000, Member of the Management Board of Bank Zachodni and later Bank Zachodni WBK. He served as the Head of Strategic HR Management. In 2012-2013, Advisor to the President of the Management Board on the merger of Bank Zachodni WBK and Kredyt Bank. He has many years of experience as a supervisory board member.

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