Record 2017 for Nasdaq’s Nordic Bond Markets

Nasdaq Copenhagen Improves Small Cap Market Access For Non-Nordic Trading Members

The volume of listed corporate bonds on Nasdaq’s Nordic markets grew to another all-time high during 2017. At the end of the year, the total value of listed corporate bonds on the Nasdaq Nordic main markets was 74 billion EUR, representing an increase of 9,6% compared to 2016.

We are excited to note a continued, strong interest in corporate bonds across the Nordics, both among issuers and the investor community,” says Ann-Charlotte Eliasson, Head of Nordic Fixed Income Listings, Nasdaq. “We are continuously striving to create an efficient and accessible platform for companies looking to raise capital via the fixed income market, and we are proud to have welcomed a total of 321 new listings across our Nordic corporate bond markets in 2017.

Furthermore, 1,7 billion EUR was raised on the Nasdaq Nordic Sustainable Bond Market during 2017 (up 81 percent from 2016), bringing the current, total volume of sustainable bonds to 3,5 billion EUR.

In order to enable more companies to raise capital through the sustainable bond market, Nasdaq launches Nasdaq First North Sustainable Bonds.

Building on the success of the Nasdaq First North Bond Market, where nine bonds with a total volume of 264 million EUR were listed in 2017, the new market for green and sustainable bonds aims to improve the ability of companies to attain external financing in a sustainable way. To be eligible to list on the Nasdaq First North Sustainable Bonds market, the issuer must comply with the green, social and sustainable criteria that Nasdaq has developed together with Sustainalytics.

In July 2017, the Swedish FSA revoked an earlier restriction for investment funds to invest in instruments admitted to trading on Nasdaq First North or similar MTFs,” said Ann-Charlotte Eliasson. “By launching the Nasdaq First North Sustainable Bonds market, we hope that issuers will gain access to a wider pool of investors, while we at the same time are meeting an increased demand for green bonds among market participants.

2017 Nasdaq Nordic Bond Markets

Number of New ListingsListed Volume (Billion EUR)Total Number of Listed BondsTotal Volume Listed (Billion EUR)
Main Market32122,7133674
Nasdaq First North Bond Market90,264300,871
Sustainable Bonds331,7693,55

Largest Corporate Bond Issuers of 2017

IssuerListed Volume (Billion EUR)
Main Market
Landshypotek Bank4,7
Länsförsäkringar AB2,78
Nykredit Realkredit2,3
Sustainable Bonds
Svensk FastighetsFinansiering0,452
Atrium Ljungberg0,265
Nasdaq First North Bond Market
DLG Finance A/S0,134
Haldor Topsøe A/S0,134
Energi Danmark A/S0,100
St1 Nordic Corporation0,100



Record 2017 for Nasdaq’s Nordic Bond Markets


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