New Bats European Benchmark Indices are now live


Bats Europe, a CBOE Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBOE) company today announced it has gone live with 18 new regional European benchmark indices, including the Bats Eurozone 50, Bats Nordic 40 and Bats Europe All Companies.

The 18 new indices include the following regional indices, including 12 European sector indices:

Regional indices

  • Bats Eurozone 50
  • Bats Eurozone All Companies
  • Bats Europe 50
  • Bats Europe All Companies
  • Bats Europe All Companies ex UK
  • Bats Nordic 40

European sector indices

  • Bats Europe Business Services Sector
  • Bats Europe Consumer Services Sector
  • Bats Europe Consumer Cyclicals Sector
  • Bats Europe Energy Sector
  • Bats Europe Finance Sector
  • Bats Europe Healthcare Sector
  • Bats Europe Industrials Sector
  • Bats Europe Non-Energy Materials Sector
  • Bats Europe Consumer Non-Cyclicals Sector
  • Bats Europe Technology Sector
  • Bats Europe Telecommunications Sector
  • Bats Europe Utilities Sector

The new indices provide investors and market participants with a real-time, high-quality, low-cost alternative to existing benchmarks. The indices have performed closely in line with comparable benchmarks and are designed and managed under the same set of consistent Bats’ rules used to create all of Bats’ benchmark indices, valued using Bats’ own market data and utilising the same start date and base value. This allows users to easily and accurately compare market, region and sector performance across Europe.

Bats has also launched a new easy-to-use tool on its website that allows anyone to compare the performance of its indices against each other. The comparison tool, which is currently in beta phase, also allows users to download the index charts as images to use in articles and presentations.

The data for the new indices is available on the Bats Indices website, as well as through various market data vendors.

All Bats indices are available free of charge to media clients to distribute in real time. The indices are also free of charge for benchmarking purposes and for vendors to distribute.

Bats launched its index business in June 2016 and now offers 57 indices (calculated in both price and net total return) across 15 markets including 25 national indices, five pan-European indices, one pan-Nordic index, 24 sector indices (12 UK sector indices, 12 European sector indices), and two Bats Brexit 50/50 Indices.

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