Nasdaq Dubai welcomes four DP World multi-currency Sukuk and bond listings

Nasdaq Dubai

Nasdaq Dubai has just informed the public that it has welcomed four new debt listings by the global trade enabler DP World, comprising a one billion US dollar Sukuk and three conventional bonds of one billion US dollars, 750 million euros, and 350 million sterling respectively.

The four listings together amount to a value of about 3.3 billion US dollars. They bring the total value of current debt listings by DP World on the region’s international exchange to USD 6.75 billion from seven issuances, making the company Nasdaq Dubai’s largest UAE debt issuer by value.

DP World’s latest Sukuk listing underlines Dubai’s role as the largest global centre for Sukuk listings by value, currently totaling 58.85 billion US dollars. Nasdaq Dubai is committed to providing DP World and as well as its other Sukuk and conventional bond issuers with an effective listing infrastructure in a world class regulatory environment.

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