IMOEX – the new ticker of MOEX Russia Index


Moscow Exchange (MOEX) announced that, on March 26, 2018 the ticker for the MOEX Russia Index will be changed across all Moscow Exchange data and trading systems. The new ticker – IMOEX – will replace MICEXINDEXCF.

The ticker IMOEX will be used on the Exchange’s website, in bulletins, in the Securities and Derivatives Markets trading systems, in the Informational and Statistical Server (ISS), in data products (End of Day and historical data) as well as in the FAST streams.

Moscow Exchange previously announced that the new name for the rouble-denominated Russian benchmark stock market index, the MOEX Russia Index (formerly the MICEX Index), came into effect on November 27, 2017. The new name is included in the updated methodology for the calculation of Moscow Exchange’s indices.

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IMOEX – the new ticker of MOEX Russia Index

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