IMEF teams up with the Institutional Stock Exchange to boost the stock market

Lingxi ,China Finance Online Co. Limited

The Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (IMEF) has just announced that it has signed an agreement with the new Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA) to promote the growth of the stock market and stimulate economic development.

With this Agreement, BIVA and IMEF will collaborate in events related to the promotion of the financial sector, creating synergies that favor and strengthen the development of the national stock market, as well as the dissemination of updated information generated by both parties.

Maria Ariza, DirectorIVA, and the national president of the IMEF, Fernando López Macari, indicated that BIVA will be a vehicle to boost public and private investments in infrastructure through the public market.

Both institutions committed to promote the adoption of corporate governance within companies as a tool that promotes their productivity and allows them to take a more ethical approach to counteract corruption and money laundering.

BIVA will implement programs to promote corporate governance, disseminating its advantages and benefits in order to promote adherence to the rule of law and legal culture in the country,” explained Maria Ariza, director general, of BIVA.

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