EEX to reintroduce auctions for EU Aviation Allowances (EUAA)

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) has published the 2017 auction calendar for EU Aviation Allowances (EUAA) in consultation with the EU Commission and the Member States taking part as well as the competent German and Polish authorities. EEX will carry out the auctions comprising a total volume of 4,005,000 EUAA from 27th September to 6th December.

EU Auctions

In the framework of the joint CAP2 auction platform, EEX will carry out three EUAA auctions on behalf of 25 Member States. The first of these will take place on 27th September and comprise an auction volume of 1,078,000 EUAA. The remaining auctions will be held on 25th October (1,078,000 EUAA) and 22nd November (1,078,500 EUAA).

Auctions for Germany

On 8th November, EEX will carry out the EU Aviation Allowances auction with a volume of 675,500 EUAA on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Auctions for Poland

The EUAA auction of the Polish shares is scheduled to take place on 6th December with a volume of 95,000 EUAA.

In deviation from the EUA auctions, a bidding window will be opened for all EUAA auctions on EEX between 13:00 and 15:00 (CET) on the respective dates.

Since the beginning of the year, certificates for 523.5 million tonnes of CO2have been auctioned off on the Spot Market of the exchange on behalf of 27 Member States.

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