EEX launches Swiss Day Futures with first trades

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) successfully extended its product offering on the power derivatives market by launching Swiss Power Base Day and Weekend Futures on Wednesday.

On the first day of trading a total of 5,400 MWh was traded in Swiss Base Day Futures. The first transaction in the Day Futures contract with a volume of 600 MWh was brokered by ARRACO Global Markets Ltd and concluded between Danske Commodities A/S and NEAS Energy AS.

Swiss Power Base Day and Weekend Futures complement the existing Futures product range for the Swiss market which includes weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly delivery periods.

Additionally, EEX also launched German Intraday Floor Futures yesterday, expanding the Energiewende product suite. These contracts complement the existing Cap Futures and allow participants to hedge against particularly low prices in the German intraday market.

All new contracts are financially settled and integrated within the Cross-Margining system of EEX’s clearing house European Commodity Clearing (ECC).

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