Dinosaur Group launches a new Global Foreign Exchange trading service

Dinosaur Group launches a new Global Foreign Exchange trading service

The broker-dealer Dinosaur Financial Group, a subsidiary of Dinosaur Group Holdings LLC, has just announced the launch of its new Global Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading Service.

Glenn Grossman, Founder and Chairman of Dinosaur, said:

We are pleased to announce our new FX service. With tier-1 banks increasingly ‘derisking’, we find ourselves at an evolutionary point for Dinosaur and our clients are looking to us to provide a wider range of services. In launching the combination of voice and screen FX trading our experienced FX team will provide ease of access and liquidity using its wide-ranging knowledge and expertise internationally. At Dinosaur we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and communication between traders and clients.

Thomas Soumbeniotis, Managing Director of FX at Dinosaur, commented:

It’s great to be able to offer a new, competitive service to our clients. As with everything we do, looking after our clients is absolutely critical, and I’m looking forward to working with both new and existing clients and delivering the Dinosaur difference.

Dinosaur now offers FX trading as part of a comprehensive array of services including asset management, investment banking and sales and trading to name only a few. With a team of 150 people in four countries, the firm’s expertise enables it to quickly assess the viability of transactions and allows it to bring genuine value and unparalleled service quality to clients.

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