Deutsche Börse cash markets turnover falls to €116b in February

Deutsche Börse

The cash markets segment operated by Deutsche Börse registered a €116.0 billion turnover in February as compared to last year’s €158.5 billion. Of the total, €104.0 billion was generated through Xetra as compared to the previous year’s €143.4 billion, which generated an average daily volume of €5.2 billion.

The trading volume on Deutsche Börse’s Frankfurt location came in at €2.8 billion, which was lower than the previous figure of €4.3 billion, while the Tradegate Exchange netted €9.2 billion versus the previous year’s €10.8 billion.

The turnover generated by each asset class was as follows: equities were the largest contributor with €104.3 billion in turnover. The turnover generated by ETFs/ETCs/ETNs amounted to €10.1 billion, while bond trading generated €0.4 billion, certificates generated €1.0 billion, and funds trading accumulated a €0.1 billion turnover.

The company that generated the highest turnover on the German DAX Xetra was Wirecard AG, which generated €6.8 billion. The MDAX equities were led by Commerzbank AG, which generated €1.0 billion, while the top company on the SDAX index was Aixtron SE with a turnover of €273 million. The ETF segment was led by the iShares Core DAX UCITS ETF that generated a trading volume of €1.0 billion.

The above figures in billions are represented in the table below:

  Xetra Frankfurt Tradegate Totals
Bonds 0.3 0.1 0.4
Equities 94.4 1.3 8.6 104.3
ETFs/ETCs/ETNs 9.5 0.1 0.5 10.1
Funds 0.1 0.1 0.1
Certificates 1.0 1.0
Feb 2019 totals 104.0 2.8 9.2 116.0
Feb 2018 totals 143.4 4.3 10.8 158.5


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