Bursa Malaysia issues its revamped Corporate Governance Guide

Bursa Malaysia Berhad (“Bursa Malaysia” or “the Exchange”) today released the 3rd edition of the Corporate Governance Guide (“CG Guide”) to provide guidance for listed issuers to improve their corporate governance practices and reporting, in line with the new Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (“MCCG”) issued on 26 April 2017 and the recent enhanced corporate governance disclosure requirements in Bursa Malaysia’s Listing Requirements (“Listing Requirements”).

Bursa Malaysia’s Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Seri Tajuddin Atan said:

The issuance of a refreshed CG Guide serves as a testimony of the Exchange’s continuous commitment to solidly embed corporate governance as a core value in the capital market. This initiative is taken to ensure our market is always distinguished by its quality of corporate leaders and companies. The CG Guide seeks to cultivate actualisation of sound corporate governance practices among listed issuers. This is vital in light of higher expectations for strong corporate governance globally.

The CG Guide was formulated and finalised following engagements with various key stakeholders. It sets out, amongst others, the Comprehend, Apply and Report (CARE) approach introduced in the MCCG and gives practical guidance and recommendations for listed issuers to apply when adopting the principles and practices in the MCCG. Through the comprehensive CG Guide, listed issuers can gain insights from case studies and illustrations, to have a better appreciation of the value propositions offered by embodying CG practices.

Listed issuers and their Boards are strongly encouraged to refer to the CG Guide when preparing their CG Overview Statement in the annual reports, as well as the CG Report per the Listing Requirements.

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