Daily market commentary: Investors awaiting for the FED meeting

Daily Market analysis

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All major currencies are trading within narrow ranges on Wednesday, as the FED meeting scheduled for later today has captured the attention of investors, awaiting to hear about the decisions and forward guidance, before making a move. Whilst it is taken for granted that there will be a 25 basis points cut in the US interest rate, a move currently priced into the value of the Greenback, the focus of interest will be on future guidance. The Chairman of the FED, Jerome Powell, will speak at the end of the event and his words and tone will be closely scrutinised. Should there be no further stimulus measures besides the rate cut, and Mr Powell’s stance be less dovish than many expect, there may be scope for substantial Dollar gains, especially against the Yen, as many investors will look to close short Dollar positions.

Ricardo Evangelista – Senior Analyst, ActivTrades


European stocks opened mixed on Wednesday as the “wait and see” approach stays in place ahead of the FOMC’s decision on interest rates later today. Jerome Powell is largely expected to proceed with another 25 basis point rate cut in order to battle a decreasing US inflation rate. However, the situation is not as urgent as it used to be for the FED as the US Economy remains sound and solid according to the last Employment and Trade Balance figures, which means chances of a less dovish tone from the FOMC are higher than before. A surprise decision from the FED would have an immediate negative impact on stock prices as markets have already priced a rate cut from the FED. In addition to the FOMC’s decision, investors will also pay attention to the trade talks resumption between top US and China negotiators, ahead of the official October meeting, as concerns over the trade war linger.

Elsewhere, traders are keeping an eye on the political situation in Spain as the country heads for snap elections after parties refuse to share powers. This came out as a surprise for most investors and the IBEX-35 index in Madrid is registering the worst performance in the Eurozone as prices broke-out the 8,980.0pts support level and are now heading to the 8,940.0pts/8,960.0pts zone.

IBEX-35 index

IBEX-35 index chart

Traders are bracing for a complex end of week as many await important data releases; CPI data from the EU, UK and Canada as well as Building Permit and Crude Oil Inventories from the US are to be release today before the FED’s decision while central banks of Japan, UK and Indonesia will decide on their monetary policy on Thursday, ahead of the Friday’s ‘quadruple witching’ trading session where volatility surge is widely anticipated.

Pierre Veyret– Technical analyst, ActivTrades

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