Using Google News to build your thought leader image

The following article was written by Adinah Brown, content manager at Leverate.

Having a content marketing strategy in place is crucial to your forex brokerage’s success in an age in which customers’ consumption of information is simply astonishing. Sharing unique and valuable information with your audience can help you become the go-to source of authoritative information. Whether the information comes from one individual or a team of representatives of your brand can vary, so long as the information shared is useful, your brand can become established as a thought leader. Thought leaders are in essence people or brands who share their opinions in the field in which they are experts. Establishing your brand as a thought leader can effectively skyrocket your company’s growth by building brand awareness, increasing your audience’s loyalty and ultimately boosting conversions.

Becoming a thought leader online takes sweat. Unlike other types of digital marketing and even content marketing, there is no paying your way to becoming a thought leader. Thought leadership is made from the constant and consistent sharing of valuable information that showcases your expertise in a field. There are two main fronts in which you can pave your way towards becoming a thought leader: organic search results and Google’s news feed.

Studies have revealed that Google news is one of the most trusted sources of news information, ranking above any other search engine. Being featured in Google News is an outstanding way to improve your brand’s awareness and turn it into a highly influential voice.

Besides giving authority to your brand, Google News, unlike organic search results, allows you to segment search results by location, relevance and date for example. This segmentation lets your brand target a much more specific target audience than organic search results do and has the possibility of bringing more targeted and relevant users to your website.

The value of Google News is the way in which content is targeted to a relevant segment of users, while the placement is considered trustworthy and thereby has a bigger potential of being read, referenced and shared. Google News also contributes to your website’s SEO standing, improves your search ranking, visibility, traffic to ultimately improve your conversion rates.

Although you may have noticed that most news made available in the Google News section is provided by the world’s largest news media outlets, smaller brands can enjoy the benefits mentioned above by following Google’s strict guidelines. Following these straight forwards processes, allows you to be featured next to some of the best known publications in the news industry.

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