A day in the life of a successful FX sales person

What does the successful sales person do, that the unsuccessful one doesn’t?  Adinah Brown, content manager at Leverate, explains.

What does the successful sales person do, that the unsuccessful one doesn’t? How can you get more out of your underperforming salespeople? It comes down to the little things that separates the good from the great.

We lift the blinds to get a sneak view of the day in the life of the model successful salesperson, so that we can get an understanding of what can be done as a manager to create great salespeople.


If they have a morning shift they get up early and make it to work on time. They are motivated and will think about and visualize their targets on the way to work. They are excited about going to work, because they love what they do. They really believe that what they are selling gives people opportunities and has the potential to improve their lives. Sometimes they are thinking about a tricky potential client, an exciting high potential or visualizing which follow ups they are going to start with.

Over a cup of coffee they’ll be catching up on the financial news. Undoubtedly, most will simply use the points prepared by your internal analysts, but the good sales agents know that it is the details, the additional insight, that make their pitch stronger. It doesn’t necessarily have to be directly related to forex, often a macroeconomic article, an article about a new trading strategy or a technique about saving for retirement that fuels them with fresh motivating concepts that is the difference between conversion and non conversion.

Get into the office

And get straight into work. Whilst it is tempting to ease into the day and slowly go through the priorities, the successful agent hits the ground running. For a later shift, its good to get in early and get your views set up so that when the zone is ready to be phoned you are ready.

Efficiency and speed

The best sales agents are the ones that can prioritize their views, keep calls efficient and effective and do their follow ups in a timely fashion. The best slogan i have seen reminds the agent that they are not trying to convince the person of something that they already are.


They have lunch. By which I mean, more than just a cigarette.

Afternoon activities

Back on the phones. Some agents can be inefficient on the phones, or too quick, but the best agents can ask some quick questions to ascertain which clients are ready and which need a bit longer before becoming a successful conversion. They don’t waste time on clients with no potential, but rather spend more time with a high potential one.

They keep their eyes on emails and chats to find those potentials and respond quickly and efficiently. They have both a service and sales mentality, so that they know when to push and when to help.

After work he hits the gym for a robust workout session that helps to let off a bit of steam and then he meets up with friends to get a bite to eat.  As the sun falls behind the slits formed by the city’s sky scrapers, our successful sales person is feeling good because it was a day well spent. With numerous trades deposited, some of which were quite substantial, it was just another day, where money has been made by everyone.

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