LeapRate Exclusive: ATFX new product launch: United Parcel Services (UPS)

LeapRate exclusive… ATFX has extended its product offering by launching the new stock CFD, United Parcel Service, Inc. (NYSE: UPS). This gives clients more opportunity to invest in the logistics sector and increases the choice of instruments available to trade. UPS is a well-known American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company.

The company was founded in 1907 by James Cassey and Claude Ryan and was known as the American Messenger Company. In those days, most deliveries were done on foot, while longer distances were covered using bicycles.

The delivery company began operating in its home market of Seattle, Washington until 1919 before it expanded to Oakland California. It later rebranded as United Parcel Services and is where the famous acronym UPS was born.

The company kept expanding into other cities to become a major player in the logistics sector, firstly in the US and then in 1975, it went international.


UPS currently has a market capitalization of $146 billion with revenues in excess of $77 billion and profits of approximately $7 billion. With the emergence of working from home and increased online shopping, delivery companies like UPS have seen business grow. The company’s stock is up 44.51% this year and hasn’t been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

ATFX received a surge in requests to make this stock available to trade and due to their internal technology capabilities, they were able to quickly oblige. The stock CFD is now available to all global clients.

The UPS stock joins a list of other shared CFDs that clients can trade at ATFX instead of trading the actual stocks. Cash stocks must be traded through centralised exchanges and are only available at specific times.

The stock CFDs also allow traders to take short positions, meaning they can take advantage of opportunities in both falling and rising markets. It should be noted that there is significant risk when trading CFDs. They are traded using leverage and can magnify both your profits and your losses.

A key strategy for ATFX is listening to its clients. It therefore plans to launch more CFDs based on the requests and feedback from its clients.

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