Binance US is going live


Binance, despite some bad luck in the past, continues to disrupt new crypto markets, as the latest move of the exchange is to launch a trading desk operation for the US market in the upcoming several weeks. This comes off as great news for US-based clients, as some were worried about Binance’s strategy in the region and its future plans.

As of now, Binance is preparing a KYC procedure for US clients that will go live as the operations of the exchange launch in the country. However, Binance has still not finalized the list of US states that will have free access to the exchange.

Considering the fact that crypto regulations in the different states vary significantly, the process may take some time. For example, the state of New York requires all exchanges to have BitLicense. According to press, Binance has also prepared to launch a mobile and desktop access to its services, and a trading app in the very near future.

Binance recently launched the BUSD coin, or simply – Binance USD. The coin will be made available soon, through a partnership with Paxos, as Leaprate reported.

Binance is going after some very strategic projects and one of them is the new stablecoin pegged to the USD. The BUSD will be pegged to the USD on a ratio of 1:1, and Paxos Trust’ clients will also be able to buy the coin through company’s wallet with either PAX, or USD.

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