Fundamental Interactions launches an auto-hedging service for trading tokens

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Fundamental Interactions (FI) today launched its patented automated-hedging service for trading tokens. The software will be used to automate the process of liquidity sourcing as well as hedging in order to optimize the issuing, trading and settling token transactions. The new software will be offered within FI’s Neutron suite of products as a plug-in.

The auto-hedger platform will allow market makers with automated processes to recalibrate quote feeds originating from internal exchanges so as to ensure uninterrupted order liquidity within the internal market book.

The service will be used by VL Financial, a Bermuda-based company, which is currently in the process of acquiring a digital asset license.

The system operates through two stages, which are auto-quoting and auto-hedging, both of which occur within the principal account of the Exchange’s market maker.

According to Julian Jacobson, the President and COO of Fundamental Interactions Inc.:

The ability to generate instant liquidity in Bermuda for digital asset tokens that are actively trading in other markets is an important avenue.

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