Crypto analyst accused of altering trade screenshots

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Crypto market analyst with more than 63,000 followers was accused for photoshopping screenshots to create the impression of more successful trade than reality.

Twitter user with the alias “King” posted screenshots on 14 March that allegedly expose that crypto analyst Jacob Canfield has manipulated images of his trade performance to mislead his followers.

In response to accusations on Twitter, Canfield publicly admitted to photoshopping a few images he posted on his page “to make them look better” in a post from 13 March, which he later deleted.

The following day King posted images suggesting Canfield altered a screenshot to adjust his purported returns from 7 Bitcoins (BTC) to 15.59 BTC on the same day that he promised he will never do it again. King also included screenshots on conversations with Canfield, where he admits to altering the 7 BTC profit to 15.59 BTC. King claims to having evidence of more than 10 such cases of manipulated screenshots.

The situation escalated when King offered not to contact US Securities and Exchange Commission if Canfield dissolves his premium subscription group, Signal Profits. To which Canfield responded with accusations of blackmail.

Since their exchange, Canfield has declared that in the future he will stream his trades.

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