The Rise of Cryptocurrency Jobs

Angel’s List reported that cryptocurrency job opportunities have increased by over 100% from March up until now. As Bitcoin price levels are going up and down constantly, the hunger for cryptocurrency jobs is going up with a tremendous speed.

According to The Next Web, the current pay for crypto jobs is around 10-20% higher than other tech, but non-crypto ones. In addition, more and more jobs are popping up, as markets are arising, from the United States to India.

The Next Web reports that one advantage that crypto jobs offer to candidates is the flexibility to offer more remote positions, and this is more likely to happen 23%. The expertise required from people who are eager to start their careers in cryptocurrencies should be broader with non-technical crypto jobs such as operations, finance, HR and marketing no requiring great strength in blockchain and understanding of the technology.

The sprawling list of internships and part-time job opportunities is also on the rise, as Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, said that Coinbase is offering internships for everyone interested, as reported Tristan Greene from The Next Web. 

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The Rise of Cryptocurrency Jobs

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