Child abuse images hidden in the blockchain of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision

bitcoin hacker

The blockchain technology is now often abused in different ways. While the technology itself may be solving world’s most important problems such as eliminating labor abuse in African countries, the technology has a long way to go before becoming flawless.

Recently, images of child molestation have been found on the core ledger of BSV or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. The embedment was done through payment processor. As BBC reports, the data that can be added to the chain of blocks in BSV is now much larger, as the chain was increased in January. The point is that a whole image can now be embedded in the blockchain without a problem. One example of an “item” that now can be added due to the increased data capacity is an image.

The payment system that was used for the posting of the images is Money Button. The major problem is that the posting of such images is illegal. Moreover, anything added to the chain of BSV is extremely hard to erase and the damage can be substantial.

nChain, a crypto company, oversees the BSV and its founder, Jimmy Nguyen commented that the “trail” that is left on the chain of blocks cannot be erased. It is permanent. Essentially, anyone who embeds something to the blockchain should be aware of the fact that the crime becomes “signed” and “time-stamped”. The question is whether the criminals who embedded the images will be caught and prosecuted.

The images became visible to the police through the website, where users can see the messages and data on the blockchain.

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