Paymium launches European cryptocurrency trading platform

Bitcoin marketplaces pioneer Paymium announced that it has launched, the new European cryptocurrency trading platform. Created in 2011, Paymium is also the first “exchange” which is compliant with the requirements of the European regulations on payment service providers. By creating, Paymium wants to offer new investors a bridge between the different blockchains where exchanges can take place safely and transparently.

Since the invention of the Bitcoin protocol, and the first blockchain which started in January 2009, many projects have created their own currency. In 2017, the equivalent of $5 billion was raised in the form of an ICO, effectively turning cryptocurrencies into a new financing mechanism complementary to traditional venture capital.

Beyond the financial aspect, it is the decentralized governance of blockchain technologies that today attracts thousands of communities around the world, and draws more and more economic players.

What is at stake is to facilitate the adoption of a multitude of new freely tradeable currencies, exchangeable at once against one another, as well as with traditional currencies. With users of a digital token becoming ambassadors of the underlying network, ICOs provide not only an innovative project financing mechanism but also a powerful marketing platform.

To ensure a smooth user experience accross multiple currencies, aims to be the most reliable market place where these currencies and tokens will be traded safely.

ICO tokens will be listed on the trading platform only after a thorough technical audit and compliance review.

The trading platform has been designed and will be operated with a focus on security, reliability and transparency.

Communities around the world are creating their own currencies, expressing a new form of sovereignty and contributing to the construction of the Internet of Value. A cryptocurrency exchange like allows people to trade seamlessly between multiple digital currencies thereby offering the simplest access to the internet of value.” said Pierre Noizat, CEO of Paymium and

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